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> Belgrade Journalist Backing Skops, Pro skop serbs
post May 28 2009, 05:13 PM
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Hey guy's, im new on here, im on, i wanted to show you guys something i came across, i'm currently undercover on the most nationalistic skop forum, www.prestonforum.com , i monitor their activity from time to time, this is one of their new posts, i thought the Serbs were our friends, i know most are, but some play both sides.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

When the tribes mix
(Scroll down for Macedonians)

The average Servian is 30% of Slav origin, 21% Illyrian, 18% Teutonic, 14% Cetlic, 9% Phoenician and 6% Hellenic. Perhaps a bit surprising, the Servs have 2% Viking blood in them, states Rade Maroevich for Belgrade based NIN Magazine in an article titled “When the Tribes mix”.

The renowned Swiss genetics institute iGenea may deal a serious blow to all the nations and or groups who until yesterday were pounding their chest claiming ‘national purity’. The Balkan peoples obsessed with history have passed on information from generation to the next, always omitting the most important facts, - who really are they.

This didn’t pose a challenge for the Swiss institute. Armed with DNA samples from the field, and a small truckload of literature, their research quickly defined a “Serb”: - a mixture of Slav(30%), Illyrian(21), Teutonic(18), Celtic(14), Phoenician(9%), Hellenic(6%).

It should be noted that this research was done by taking DNA samples from Servs, Kosovars and Montenegrins, as at the time the country was called “Servia and Montenegro”, states Mr. Maroevich.

“Each individual has a desire to find out about their ancestors. Racial theories, national-socialism and expulsions of different peoples through out history had made our job a bit more challenging. If you were to concentrate only on historical analysis, you are certain to get an incorrect or confusing to say the least answer about your ancestors, stated iGenea Director Imna Pazos in her interview with Mr. Maroevich.

“We are analyzing genetic tribes, and not political or historical tribes whose genetic can be as different as day and night. I can’t stress this enough, it is of great importance to make a difference between Genetics, History or Anthropology. The aforementioned scientific branches have their importance, but what we are doing here is separate and focuses on groups’ DNA” explains Imna Pazos.

iGenea research is not a ‘genetic code’ of the people, rather a genetic profile. For some people, with the exception of the Jews, is much easier to get results because the research is done with live samples, while for all races of ancient people, for instance the Illyrians, the research is done from archeological findings; teeth, bones. With the Celtic and the Germanic people, results can be obtained by using both methods. For unexplained reasons for a long time scientists were unsuccessful in scientifically separating the Cetlic from the Germanic, until the Celtic profile was create based on material gotten from the Gaelic peoples. The remaining, different material belonged to the Germanic – Teutonic profile.

Somewhat north of the Servs and the Albanians are the Slovenians. Despite their historical name suggesting them to be Slav, the Slovenians genetic profile is filled with Teutonic (Germanic) traces. Over 35% of their genes are Germanic, with the Illyrians and Slavs taking 20% each. The Phoenicians added 17% and surprisingly, the Jews with 5%, reports Mr. Maroevich.

Then we have the Macedonians, the descendants of Alexander the Great. Their Government has been involved in a major spat with the Greek Government over ownership of Alexander the Great. The ruling VMRO DPMNE has decided to awaken its people’s nationalism, connect them to their roots. For this purpose, the Government will erect a 20m monument of Alexander the Great, thus claiming ownership of the great warrior.

It seems the Macedonians are onto something here, and aren’t claiming the great warrior just to frustrate Athens.

According to iGenea, the Ancient Macedonians are 30% present in the veins of today’s Macedonian population, followed by the Teutonic with 20%, Slav with 15%, Hunza and Phoenicians with 5% each. For now, it seems only the Ancient Macedonians will get a monument from the Government. Not the Teutonic for instance; it would be difficult to build a replica of the Malbork Castle or the Peipus battlefield, a battle they lost - states Mr. Maroevich.

Macedonia’s southern neighbor, Greece has been pounding their chest for more than a decade with the slogan “We are all Alexander the Great”. Not so fast …

According to iGenea, 35% of Greece’s genetic profile is Hellenic, while Phoenician and Slav roots both take 20% each, 5% going to both Teutonic and Illyrians.

** From this, we have a clearer picture who can celebrate or claim Alexander the Great.

The biggest surprise of all, according to iGenea is the Turkish population who is more mixed than anyone else in the region. The Turkish genetic profile consists of eight different groups: Turks, Berbers, Hellenes, Teutonic, Slavs, Arabs, Illyrians, Jews.

The cleanest group, if ‘purity’ can be claimed are the Russians, who are overwhelmingly Slav.

The Germans, who waged war based on their ‘pure race’ are rather mixed and are not even Germans. They are 45% Celtic, Teutonic (Germanic) 25%, Slavs 20%, Jews 10%. //NIN Belgrade

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post May 28 2009, 11:26 PM
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Ok, we have read it, your point to all this?

There is a post on the Igenea topic somewhere here where the whole research was blown to bits. Let them talk about "Igenea", let them believe in what HAS been proven to be false.

PS, I have about 4 active accounts on there spying myself tongue.gif

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post Aug 7 2009, 11:26 PM
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QUOTE (Maked0nia @ May 28 2009, 09:13 AM) *
i thought the Serbs were our friends, i know most are, but some play both sides.

Dont ever say that again! I have never met serbian that support Skopians. Its not well known that they are not stealing only greek history but serbian as well... some national heroes of ours.
The only sin we have is that we call them "macedonians", but that is just a old habbit - nothing else.

Macedonia is Greece - forever!

Greetings from Serbia
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