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Posted by: Vangelis666 Jul 9 2010, 12:07 AM

There seems to be some frustration and negativity towards orthodox christianity in some of the threads here. It seems that this is due to the perception that it is the cause of much of Greece's decline in the dominance it once had in ancient times. It's difficult to disagree with this assessment particularly when it is obvious that particularly orthodoxy stifles philosophical debate and therefore free thinking in many areas of human endeavour. But I don't see that railing against orthodoxy will resolve anything. Anyone that feels strongly about this issue needs to act in a way that causes a definitive break from the orthodox-soaked culture that Greece has developed. As I see it, there are 3 options that will link us back to the greatness of ancient Greece, will allow us to assert our Greek heritage and finally make the break with orthodox christianity.

1. The 12 Greek Gods. I've thrown this one in for those that are addicted to theism. There is as much evidence for the Greek system of gods as there is for the christian god so belief in this system is as valid as belief in a xtian god. And let's face it, the Greek gods have real personality. They fight amongst each other, with humans, they copulate with humans producing demigods and they throw in a bit of rape and pillage just for good measure.

2. Atheism. Many of the ancient Greek philosophers were atheistic one of the more famous being Heraclitus. Becoming an atheist is probably one of the best ways to protest against the christianisation of the Greek culture as it is in direct conflict with xtianity's main premise whilst at the same time linking back to the great philosophers of ancient Greece.

3. Buddhism. Yes, Greece has a history with Buddhism. One that is not a history of conflict (as xtianity was) but one which Greeks of the time identified as a worthy teaching. At the height of the Greek empire it spread to the East as far as the Bactrian states (now around the area of Afghanistan) where it met with the Indian empire which had spread to the west. At that time, India was predominantly Buddhist so many of the Greek Kings and nobles in those areas came across Buddhism and in fact recognised it as a great teaching thereby became Buddhists themselves. In fact, there is a Buddhist sutta called the Milindapanha which is mainly a discourse between a Greek King and a Buddhist Monk resulting in the King declaring himself a Buddhist. And the Greeks of the area were one of the first to depict the Buddha sculpturally complete with curly hair and a mustache! You can read more about Greco-Buddhism here:

I am now a Theravadin Buddhist, myself, and I have specifically chosen this as it is the oldest form of Buddhism extant in the world today. In fact, it was around at the time that the Greek empire came across Buddhism. So, choose something that is right for you and openly discuss it with your friends and other Greeks. Challenge and question them and maybe one day we will see a Greek culture free from orthodox xtianity and back to the pure Greek culture.



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